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Kids Art Classes...

Kids art classes, Carlsnad art school, Unicorn painting, glitter horse
Kids art classes, Carlsnad art school, Oil pastel bird,

Our classes are a great way to advance your budding artists talent.....

McArt Studios curriculum is specially designed and structured to develop your child’s artistic skills set and knowledge with a personalized ‘scheme of work’ which is specifically designed to meet YOUR child’s needs. Artists are taught how to develop their ideas and in doing so make their imaginations become a reality!

At McArt Studio we truly and firmly believe that art has the power to transform the lives of young people. All children have limitless creative potential, it is our privilege to nurture it and show them the possibilities.

We provide a creative classroom that allows students to pursue their own interests. Students explore a wide variety of subject matter and medium from the basics of pencil to oil on canvas. 

Teen Art Classes...

This class is a great way to advance your talent. Whether you would like to become a professional artist or simply enjoy pursuing a hobby. You’ll acquire all of the skills needed to become a fine artist in an easy to learn, step-by-step sequence, with our highly trained instructors guiding you every step of the way.

Once you have mastered the fundamentals of drawing in just a few short exercises you can begin your own personal exploration. You will begin to explore your chosen subjects in whichever style and medium you would like to progress in. No prior experience necessary.

Every artist has a different distinct style that defines them. It comes from your history, personality and cultural background and all the factors that make up you. As you become more confident with the fundamentals your personal style will begin to emerge in the course of your classes at McArt Studio.

We are Charter and Home School friendly. Contact us to see if we are already affiliated with your school!

After School Art.. We come to you!

Adult art classes, Carlsbad Art school, Acrylic and canvas, dog painting.
ult art classes, Carlsbad Art school, soft pastel, horse drawing painting.

You will work with a curriculum director to create a short or long term program just for your group! Our flexible scheduling allows for morning and afternoon sessions. We can custom schemes of work to suit school themes and ideals or simply allow students to experience a wide variety of styles and mediums in our action packed taste of art program! contact us  for more information...

Art Class Schedule...

Class pricing...

Classes are by month and all materials are included the price. We do not charge any enrolment fees.

$10 for your a first introductory class. 

5-6 Years  $90 per month (1 hour per week)

7+ Years $110 per month (1 1/2 hour per week)

Teen $110 per month (1 1/2 hours per week)

The price remains the same whether 4 or 5 classes are scheduled per month. 

We offer a 10% discount on all additional siblings.