Dry Media...

Students will start with the fundamentals of drawing. Depending on the student's age and ability, our  programs may include still life, landscape, animals, one and two point perspective and copying from the great masters. Before students progress to wet media they must understand and demonstrate a strong understanding of drawing fundamentals and principals, both visually through their work and verbally to communicate their intentions. Students will explore a wide variety of drawing mediums and grounds during this section of the McArt program including graphite, charcoal, soft and oil pastels. 

Childrens art classes, Carlsbad Art school, Soft pastel, Bird Drawing

Wet Media...

When students progress to wet mediums, they begin with the very basics of color theory and paint application. All students begin by exploring watercolors which consists of its own terms and skills that differ from other wet mediums. Once students have become familiar with the correct terminology and skills associated with watercolor they will continue to progress into inks, acrylic and oils; exploring a wide variety of grounds and subject matters.  

Adult art classes, Carlsbad Art school, Acrylic on canvas, Dog painting


Each art medium requires different techniques. Here at McArt Studio, we teach a multitude of techniques. A lot of techniques taught will carry over into multiple mediums but at the same time, some techniques are unique to that medium. We show students when, how and why to apply certain techniques in order to convey a particular texture or style. 

For a breakdown on specific mediums and techniques taught at McArt Studio please refer to our provided PDF.

Adult art classes, Carlsbad Art school, Acrylic on canvas, Duck painting